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We consider it pure joy to have the opportunity to assist someone in moving closer to a life of freedom. If we've worked with you or your organization in the past and you were satisfied with your experience, feel free to leave your testimonial in the message box on the contact us page. Thank you in advance!


Here's a few testimonials from some of our more recent clients.


"I have had the privilege of working closely with Mr. Gray for almost a year now. From the beginning, his demeanor commanded my repsect. My level of respect for Mr. Gray increased as he guided me through my life's situations with wisdom and confidentiality. He automatically became my mentor and leadership coach by default. This man's belief in me surpassed my own trust in myself; which caused me to revisit my thoughts and way of life. As a result, I can proudly say that I've come a long way. I no longer take delight in things that are a waste of my time and financial resources. I am honored to have met such a great man who continues to touch my life by adding value to me every chance he gets!"


E. Lartey 

Firefighter/Paramedic - VA


"Like a lot of people, I was skeptical about needing a Life Coach. I thought to myself, how can a life coach help me? To my surprise, having a life coach during this season of my life was exactly what I needed. As I transitioned through a difficult season in my life, Rodney's sound advice helped me to understand that I had to take charge of my life in order to achieve the level of freedom I was after. He was very effective in coaching me through my situations while providing valuable feedback as I made some of the most difficult decisions of my life. Rodney was always professional, non-judgmental, and encouraging. As his site says, "What are you doing to invest in yourself?" My coaching experience was an investment in which I can see a lifelong return."


R. Brooks

Registered Nurse - SC



"Rodney is a gifted and anointed coach who consistently displays insight into various perspectives that impact my life.  He is helping me uncover both superficial and entrenched obstacles and issues that affect my perception of myself and how I interact with my colleagues, staff, and family.  My goal was to seek help in navigating the complex issues of leadership as well as life in general. The sessions are exceeding my expectations and he has provided insight that I never would have thought of on my own. He remains engaged, listens, and is very attentive to words and phrases that I use and is able to interpret it and provide “action assignments” to help me address issues he helped uncover.  I’ve worked with him before on various issues and have experienced change in my life.  I look forward to the continued sessions and the progress I know I will make."


K. Chisley

Budget Analyst - MD




"Rodney Gray was hired as the keynote speaker for our first annual "Ignite Your Passion" Educational Day. He penetrated the hearts, souls & minds of everyone in attendance, even the vendors. A representative from an educational agency joined us and asked for his contact information. He spoke with so much clarity, honesty and most importantly from his heart. He has been assigned to be our annual keynote speaker indefinitely. His passion for what he does is evident through his presentations, leaving the audience wanting & needing more."
"Divinely Serving With Awesomeness"

P. McFadden

Entrepreneur - Washington, D.C. 




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