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Rodney E. Gray is an ordained minister, life, leadership and relationship coach, keynote speaker and certified John C. Maxwell team member. He is the founder and CEO of Freedom Success Solutions, LLC.
Personal, passionate and practical are three words that best describe Rodney’s approach to helping others. Personal, because he believes that making a genuine connection with people is important to meeting their needs. Passionate, because he believes that passion is contagious; and it can ignite even the most dormant of dreams. And practical because Rodney’s desire is to leave every leader with tools they can carry away and immediate apply to their life, business or organization. 
Rodney’s energetic and thought provoking messages are sure to enlighten, inspire and challenge people of all ages towards a more fulfilling lifestyle. It is his life’s mission to help set people free from the bondage holding them back from the quality of life they were created to live.
To learn more about what Rodney can offer you or your team, contact him at or
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